Scott Brady, 1190 WBMJ San Juan

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Station: 1190 WBMJ San Juan (Wikipedia)
Format: Top 40
Branded: “San Juan Radio Rock
Then Ownership: Bob Hope Now: Calvary Evangelistic Mission
Featured Air Personality: Scott Brady
Contributor: Karl Phillips
Post Date: 06.29.2018

WBMJ San Juan with the Number 7 song this week

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Curator’s Notes:

Perhaps the most interesting part of this aircheck is the time/temperature and name repetition… It’s a crutch that so many jocks unwittingly used over the years and in a scoped aircheck such as this it sounds irritating. That said, the notables here include the current religious station’s nod (and apparently it’s unintentional) to the station’s past… The current owner has what they call “The Rock Network”. The “Rock” in their case being a reference to Jesus Christ. Back in it’s Top 40 incarnation heard here, WBMJ was branded “Rock Radio”. Coincidence?

This came in without a date listed. I’m tempted to guess that it was recorded sometime close to the other aircheck we have of Scott Brady on WBMJ, in 1973. I’ll leave it to visitors to guess as well.

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