September 11, 2001 – An Airchexx Tribute. With Reverence and Respect.

One World Trade
One World Trade. Built in the ashes of the original WTC complex partly out of defiance. We Will Never Forget

WTC - Before the attacksAs another September comes to a close, and another year passes since an event that shook an entire generation goes by, I thought it was time that a production that really should have been released to the media gets posted for posterity.

The photo posted of the World Trade Towers. I cannot bear to post and subject those who had to witness the event the photo of the towers in flames. If that’s what you want you came to the wrong place.

Eight years ago I began work on a different tribute to the 9/11 attacks and the victims. This year it should have been finished in time. The reason that I’m posting this now is, I’ve come to realize that there is an entire generation who remembers nothing of this event. I recently read where some of the children of 9/11 victims who were born shortly after 9/11 graduated last June. The stark reality is, they will never quite understand the horror that those of us who watched on television, heard on the radio, and especially those of us who had to cover this event such as myself did. I am not sure if this production can possibly adequately convey how we felt on that day. My hope is that if and when they do listen, they will begin to understand why our politics and our nation have been coming to the brink these past few years. Read ALL of your history. Connect the dots. Learn more than what they teach you in school. 9/11 has been the galvanizing event, which has truly been what divided us, instead of uniting us. More than any event before or since. Not even Pearl Harbor, may I suggest, had a more profoundly negative influence on this country. Thousands dead. 16 years of war. Misery heaped upon more misery. All because the events you are about to hear happened.

I told someone recently. If you don’t cry listening to any of this, you’re not a human being. But it’s ok. I cried for you.
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