Sheila – 56 WHBQ Memphis | 1976

Sheila – 56 WHBQ Memphis | 1976

560 Memphis WHBQ

“…the boss told me to go out and shake my booty…”

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It seems that every Top 40 station in the chain of RKO General radio stations had a nearly identical sound. Identical jingle packages, similar slogans and program ‘clocks’. Also nearly identical, is the brand of humor that each of the jocks had. Much of it a pun or bit of sarcasm going into or coming out of each record. Most of the RKO jocks heard at all the RKO General stations are really funny and original, but sometimes, it can come across as contrived. Now, I don’t know just who Sheila is, but sometimes she seems like she had a joke writer, and others, she hit the mark and got you laughing. Either way, it rolls during this six-minute scope, it’s STILL far more entertaining than most anything heard today!

And just remember the Top Hour ID’s… “W H B Q Memphis, Six O’Clock and ___________ with the most music in the South!”

Aircheck courtesy of Contributor Rob Grayson, proving that no matter how many months one has to wait after sending an aircheck, it ALWAYS gets posted! Thanks, Rob!


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