Howard Stern – First Day on WXRK (92.3) New York | November 18, 1985

It could be said that the show which eventually evolved into a national phenomenon for the “King of All Media” started right here. It was following Stern’s firing from 66 WNBC earlier that year that he moved back to a format which was more in line with his rock and roll roots, as he kicked off a new program on New York City’s “K-Rock”….. which itself was a new rock station rising from the ashes of top 40 WKTU – the once-Disco station which dethroned WABC in the ratings.

Stern had been a large personality at WNBC, and before that, WCCC (106.9) Hartford, so to say that Howard Stern wasn’t already a talent to be reconed with would be incorrect. But, it’s here at WXRK that Stern perfected the show format which he’d later use in syndication, ironically from K-Rock, and then in January of 2006, at Sirius Satellite Radio.

So much radio history can be traced here that it’s difficult to make mention of it all. So rather than describe this first day of the rest of Howard Stern’s career, listen to a recording of an event which marked a change in the way radio stations’ morning shows are presented.

WXRK New York - K-Rock

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  1. Lobster Girl

    Howard is and always will be the best.

    Dopie & Aintfunny cant hold Howards jock.

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