Short Composite: WHK Cleveland | June 1986

At just over 6 minutes in length, there’s not much that can be said about this short aircheck, other than it was an AM Oldies station in 1986 – a time when most AM stations had already quit the music race. Still, it sounds good, with a little thunderstorm static on the signal and a lake weather advisory.

Chip Binder starts this off, followed by Barb Lincoln.

1420 AM Cleveland WHK Barb Lincoln Chip Binder WHKK WCLV WRMR


  1. Joy Binder

    Chip Binder retired from radio in 1998 and works at a Cleveland-area bank.

  2. Yekimi

    Oh, how I miss WHK and the oldies they played. Sometimes hard to pick up in the Akron area during the evenings due to other stations interference but listening to Bill Schiel was worth it.

  3. radiorob

    Since WHK was, at the time, owned by Malrite who also owned Z100 that would explain the similar imaging.

  4. Larry

    I give WHK a lot of credit for continuing to play music on AM in 1986 while others gave up years before that.

    This aircheck includes a weather advisory. This is something most radio stations don’t bother with today especially after morning drive and in many cases it’s questionable if they will interrupt their morning show to inform the public with necessary information.

    Thanks for the aircheck of WHK.

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