Sonny Fox, WHYI Y100 Miami | July 6, 1984


Sonny Fox, WHYI Y-100 Miami

Date of Recording: 07.06.1984
Station: 100.7 WHYI (Y100) Miami, Florida, USA
Format: CHR
Featured Air Personality: Sonny Fox
Contributor: Daniel Coulombe


Thanks to site friend Daniel Coulombe, here’s a GREAT, original recording he made of Sonny Fox and the morning show on Miami’s legendary Y100!. You’ll love this scoped look at a hugely entertaining and funny jock with all the elements that made morning radio fun.

Unlike most of today’s morning shows which are laden with Hollywood fluff… this is so good, and Sonny Fox is just himself. Its refreshing to hear how morning shows were in the mid-80s. We miss it, and you probably do too!

WHYI Y-100 Miami


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