Southern New England Reverse Composite, 1983-1978

102.9 Hartford WDRC WDRC-FM Big D 103 Brad Davis Ken Gilbert Dr. Don Brooks Dean Richards Friendly Floyd Wright

You can actually hear the hands of time burning backwards as we start off with Dr. Don Brooks on DRC-FM… And I suppose, somewhat out of order. This sounds a lot like 1981 or so. Next, Steve Skipp is heard on DRC-FM and this could easily be 1982 or 83, but you be the judge.

Right in the front-middle of this aircheck is ONE quick break with a Wacky 102  (WAQY Springfield) jingle, then it’s on to 1978 and Jack Lawrence on the SMOKIN’ 1360 WDRC. I mean, this part opens up with Jack doing the outro to Boston – Long time and then just cooks from there!

As a side note, Jack Lawrence was not a screaming Top 40 jock. He would have sounded great at WCCC or WPLR or WHCN… any of those album rockers! And he’s got a good sense of humor, too!



1. Audio-only. Telescoped.

2. YouTube video from the Official Airchexx Classic Radio Channel.
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