Steve Bleecker, WFLY 92, Troy (Albany) | 1983


Description by Steve Bleecker:

I left for JBQ JUST PRIOR to the “Spring”
Arbitron Ratings , which showed Very Big
Numbers…NOT ONLY for my Afternoon Drive Show…but for the ENTIRE STATION ! AND…it had been that way for MOST of
Chuck Taylor’s reign as FLY’s Program Director ! Matter of fact…that was one of the reasons that Buzz Brindle had been keeping “an eye” on Chuck , later leading to Chuck’s great success at K-Lite/Albany !

WFLY had very nicely , and QUITE ACCURATELY already established itself as ALBANY’S “Hometown Hit LEADER”

92.3 Troy Albany WFLY WPTR Steve Bleecker

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  1. Steve Bleecker

    So, I stopped at a Denny’s Restaurant…used the pay phone to call Kelly Stevens, who was on the air (middays)…asked her if they needed any “help”…she said she’d “talk to Chuck Taylor, the P.D….he called that nite…offered me weekends…and a year later…I was doing Afternoons !

    The Highlight of my career ! Born in Albany…many friends and LOTS of Family “in town”…and I could “play” all nite…sleep ’till 11am… work for a few hours… (3-7pm)…play all nite…Then…to 98-JBQ with Harry Nelson ! This was IT !!

  2. tutenmaton

    i hear the jingles from the Composite Package from WFLY in Capital District Region, it’s called “FM”. the “WFLY FM92” jingle was sung in the studios of JAM Creative Productions in DFW.

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