Steve Dahl & Company, WDAI FM 94.7 Chicago | 1978

94.7 Chicago WDAI WLS-FM WYTZ Steve Dahl

“The traps are set…”

Courtesy of Contributor J. R. Russ, we have the first Steve “Disco Destruction” Dahl aircheck, and no it is nothing to do with disco destruction but that’s what Dahl is best known for.

I suppose the theme for this somewhat short scope is the Mousketeers. The traps… cheese for the mouse. There’s a cute song about the Mousketeers in here, and while even the commercials are chopped by the originator of this recording, we do get to hear a few good promos of WDAI.

This is a rock station, but amazingly, the last song in the last few seconds of this aircheck is from James Taylor. All was not just hard rock on WDAI, and maybe it was that lack of focus that brought the station’s ultimate demise – others know much better than I and much of the story of 94.7 is on the WLS Tribute site.

94.7 Chicago WDAI WLS-FM WYTZ Steve Dahl


  1. Gary Kerns

    I got a kick out of the Pope’s widow in the first 1:20 or so. Bit of trivia: WDAI stood for Detroit Auto Industry, and was meant for Detroit, whereas WRIF was supposed to be WLS’s FM counterpart in Chicago. I believe WRIF stands for “riff”, as in guitar riff.

  2. justdar826

    You mean Disco Demolition not Destruction. I don’t think this was his first air check. He’s still going strong running his Steve Dahl Podcast Network thru Daily laughs without commercials, time or traffic.

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