Steve Wayne for Lou Katz on 1260 WWDC Washington

Here’s a short look at the AM side of WWDC from approximately the mid-1970s. While the exact date is unknown (we’ve had good luck with listeners doing research of their own for us – so have at it and post it in the ‘comments’ section below, if you wish), we think this is from a time when there were just two Top 40 AM stations in the nation’s Capitol. The other was the more recognizable WPGC.

This was apparently an ABC O&O station, featuring news from the “American Contemporary Radio” network, and jocks like Lou Katz and Jack Casey. You’ll hear a promotion for the WWDC ‘Something Special’ contest, a few full length commercials and part of a network newscast.

1260 WWDC Washington


  1. Joe Crain

    WMAL-AM 630 is the longtime ABC O&O in DC (legendary 80’s CHR Q107 was the ABC O&O FM)… in the 70’s, the FCC would not have allowed ownership of multiple AM’s in any market. But, the genius of ABC splitting up their network into various feeds—“Information” at the top of the hour, “Entertainment” at :30, “FM” at :45, and, “Contemporary” at :55—allowed ABC to dramatically increase the number of affiliates across the country and offer advertisers targeted reach with their spots, as each “network” was targeted at a different demographic. For instance, “Information” was targeted at the traditional Male 35-64 N/T or full-service listener… “Contemporary” at 12-24… etc… IIRC, In the 80’s ABC phased out “FM” into the “Direction” network.

  2. MGD4Ever

    While I don’t know anything at all about the DC market, I believe that I can narrow down the date of the aircheck. Judging about the current music that they were playing, this can’t be any earlier than 1977. further, the regular jock was off for Yom Kippur so this must have been late September 1977.

    • kelmarander

      Yom Kippur was on the 1977 calendar as September 22. Also, this had to be ’77–most of the songs played in this set charted in the second half of the year, including “I’m Your Boogie Man” and “Surfin’ USA.”

  3. WMAL and WMAL-FM (later WRQX) became ABC O&O in 1977 when they were bought from the Washington Star. WWDC might have been only an affiliate.

  4. Dan Berlin

    I remember listening to WWDC-AM as a kid growing up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington. Back in the 70’s WWDC was the station to listen to-way before Q107 hit the airwaves. Most of us at Rock Creek Valley Elementary School didn’t have FM radios so WPGC was out of reach. You either listened to WWDC or WINX out of Rockville, MD. I can remember learning the words to 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover by listening to WWDC and to this day I can still sing the WWDC jingles.

  5. I started listing to WWDC in 1978. Around this year I think we had a hugh snow storm. I used to listed to Linda Kelly 6-10am, at 10-2pm I didn’t know that discjock, I was at school during those hours. 3-7pm was Lou Katz, and 7-10pm was Marty Dempsey who was also in late 80s at WAVA FM105. Marty Dempsey was my favorite jock. I won one of those someplace special T-shirts. I used to record their shows on my cassettes. In those days I didn’t have a FM radio. These guys inspired me to be a jock. I became a jock but found out financialy it was hard unless you’re Big in the airwaves. Salaries were not what I thought they would be. I commend those Disjocks, they must really love their jobs. Anyway WWDC started going downhill when Q107 started getting popular. I do miss WWDC and the jocks at that time.

  6. sean

    I think Morty Bender owned WWDC at the time (Capital Broadcasting). I believe they were still on Brookville Road; hadn’t moved to Connecticut Ave yet. It’s all a blur now. But they were never an ABC O&O. ABC bought WMAL/WRQX in the mid-70s from Evening Star when the paper went out of business.

  7. David Sutphin

    The songs played are : “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac, which was the Cash Box # 1 Song September 17, 1977;”I’m Your Boogie Man” by K.C. & the Sunshine Band, which was the Cash Box #1 Song June 4, 1977; “Surfin’ USA” by Leif Garret; “Tin Man” by America; “Slow Dancin'” by Johnny Rivers; “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” by The Hollies; and finally, “Feel Like Makin’ Love” by Bad Company. Must have been Thursday September 22, 1977, the date of the Jewish Holiday “Yom Kippur”.

  8. ww3

    I think this personality was “Steve Wade” not Wayne.

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