Stony Richards, 107.3 WRQX Washington | February 24, 1979

107.3 Washington DC WRQX Q107

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The apparent continuation of the Marleen Foxx aircheck of “FM 107 WRQX Washington’s Best Rock”, this is the morning show of the day following a big blizzard in the Nation’s capital. Just a few teaser notes are in order. First, the audio quality is fair. It’s a clean enough recording but in somewhat scratchy mono. Probably recorded on a table tape recorder from a small FM/AM radio. Second, WRQX was, indeed, an Album Rock station, but the jock presentation is different than most AOR stations, even in ’79. Richards talks over song intros, like a Top 40 station. The music mix is very pop-oriented, but not quite there. It seems that there are album cuts in the music mix, but this is not *all* album rock music.

Perhaps WRQX was simply in transition to CHR from AOR and they did it gradually. Most striking to me is the total lack of any logos of WRQX during this timeframe. I looked all over the web trying to find an old logo that doesn’t say “Q107” or “Mix”, to no avail. Perhaps someone has a graphic.

This is posted thanks to the generosity of Contributor Big Apple Airchecks, as we salute this station which is going Non-Commercial very shortly. Another legendary, heritage big-signal station being sold to Educational Media Foundation, the owners of “K-LoveContemporary Christian programming.