Table recording: KMOD Tulsa | September 1, 1977

Thus labelled because our contributor, Scott Carr, recorded this with a mic placed in front of a radio speaker. Actually, Scott explains in his own words…

I spent the summer of 1977 out in Tulsa, OK (I’m from Eastern Penna). At the time, I was 23 years old, and thinking about getting into radio. On September 1st, 1977, I set my cassette recorder down in front of a stereo speaker in my apartment (over by Tulsa University) and hit “record” (at the time, I didn’t know any better in terms of recording).

The audio is a bit muffled, but otherwise a good recording.


  1. Dave

    The DJ here is Mel Myers. He’s still in Tulsa, still on the radio, but sounding less stoned during mornings at Classic Rocker KJSR (Star 103.3)

  2. The Other Dave

    Isn’t Charlie Derek still around somewhere? I recognize the name.. I live just North of Tulsa and occaisonally listen to Star 103.. Great station..

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