Taylor and Clark on WKNR Detroit | January 7, 1968

WKNR Detroit, Keener 13

We suspect that Steve Taylor and Gene Clark recorded this show right off the board… in fact, they say that they will record all their shows from now on right at the start of this superb recording. Interestingly enough, they say they will no longer say any words that offend the audience… hmmm, you mean there were shock jocks in 1968?

This is a very interesting aircheck for several reasons. First, it’s a broadcast quality aircheck of the morning show on WKNR (not too many of those around), and second, you get to hear about what’s going on in the world in ’68.

It may not sound like it going back in this wonderful submission, but 1968 was a VERY long time ago!



  1. This is likely a production room item and not an on-air recording. Note the Dave Forester jock shout, the lame humor, no references to any Music Guide positions and the dead air during the Frank Sinatra number. At the time this was recorded, Forester was doing overnights Scott Regen was on the cusp of making the jump to CKLW and J. Michael Wilson was doing mornings. Hence this is most probably two guys practicing rather than an authentic Keener on-air moment.

  2. HI, The Scott Westerman is half right. I lived in Detrtoit in 68 and was a strong Keener listener. Bob Green said in a interview that Keener was hit hard in the ratings by CKLW.By late 67, Keener’s revenue dropped and the station was filled with high dollar personal. In December of that year Green, Regen and Ted Clark were let go. Dick Purtan was the lone survivor to stay on until the end of January 68. I personally witnessed the Purtan exit.

    The University of Detroit and WKNR hosted a 4-Season concert which was held on the campus. The concert was on a Friday evening. Purtan did the between the act introductions. On his last segment, as he was introducing the 4-Seasons he said that Saturday would be his last day with Keener 13, he was going to Baltimore,MD.. The crowd totally shut up and there was a tremendous hush in the concert hall. I was totally shocked! I had listened to Purtan for 3 years. The City of Detroit love Purtan and Keener 13. I saw Dick after the concert, got his autograph and asked him why he was leaving. He said that Keener was changing direction and it was time for him to leave. The next morning I listened to all 3 hours of his show. The Detroit News reported later there was a traffic jam at the Keener studios in Dearborn. Luckily, Baltimore did not take to his type of Midwest humor. In June of 68 Purtan came back to Detroit and to station WXYZ. He has been the king pin morning person in Detroit ever since.

  3. Darryl Bowden

    I have an classic album of this station at that time of Vince Smith, Jim Brooker, Bryant Woods, Scott White in mint condition! Contact me if you are interested in this album! (WKNR News-1970)

  4. @Darryl – WKNR News-1970… yep I’m interested… can I get permission to use cuts on my show(s) .. plz advs if ok and where to get your record – KMPC mobile Studio /SOTS Productions – thnx/jS (holy cow.. just saw his posts was in 2009 – well, if still available plz advs/jS)

    • Denise D


      • Hello, Denise… if used the cuts won’t be programmed into 2015 season playlists until late winter/early spring… I have (really) absolutely no idea what to offer/pay for these things. I only ‘insert’ typical jingles, station ID’s into playlist to help create the sound of those years during the car show season playlists. My season runs Mid-April to end of October each year. Please advise how much moola you want/need and (if not over my budget) I’ll pay that and shipping cost to Utah 84405. Thanks for your response. Check out FB page: SOTS Productions, and my website: //www.StationOfTheStarsProductions.com – thnx a bunch//jS :))

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