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Holly Springs MS

It’s early in the morning!…

Indeed it is! Here’s the first in a series of airchexx which I think will either open some eyes or create applause. “From the PD’s Box” is, LITERALLY, a box of aircheck tapes given to me by a former program director who, upon hearing of my work at this website, gave it to me and basically said, “go ahead and see if there’s anything you can use”.

Airchexx BoxIt goes without saying that these jocks didn’t get the job they were looking for at the former Citadel Memphis Radio Group… but that doesn’t stop us from giving them a chance, some 15 years later, right?

Ok.  Now you’ve seen the FIRST “From the PD’s Box” post.  Now, how about YOU?  Send me your tape (CD, mp3, whatever) and I’ll post it here.


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