The Demo Never Sent: Mike Hotaling, Classic Rock Demo 102.3 WXCR Albany NY

WXCR Albany

Mike HotalingDate of Recording: Unknown
Station: 102.3 WXCR Albany, New York
Featured Air Talent: Mike Hotaling
Contributor: Mike Hotaling
Date of Submission: 08.26.2016

I just found a jem thanks to the cat

All kidding aside, finding an almost 20 year old demo tape seemingly out of nowhere can either bring pleasant memories or nightmares. In this case, Contributor Mike Hotaling says, “dont know….was going to send it as an audition tape…very late 90s….then said im out of radio for good…was pissed at clear channel lay offs…”

Now, if I were a prospective Classic Rock PD… Classic Rock, Active Rock, Alternative… I’d tell you, “Mike, you’re a perfect fit for the format”. Love the voice, you’re on topic. I like it”. But I’m, of course, not the PD. I’m the museum curator. This is an example of how radio people moved from one job to another. They put together a demo tape, often times right off the skimmer (tape recorder that starts when the mic button is pushed on and stops when the mic button is pushed off), and usually features the air personality doing the format of the station they are approaching. But…. every PD will tell you, keep it to FIVE MINUTES or less. Three is optimal.

Okay, this is an Airchexx presentation so I’m glad the tape was longer than five minutes. Actually, we get over an hour and a half of Mike Hotaling doing the Classic Rock format here. If you like Mike, just wait until we post Mike the Environmental Talk Show Host. For real. Coming very soon to!

92.3 WXCR Albany


  1. John Mack Flanagan

    Air Chec (audition) 3 min optimal reminds me Spring of 1969 I was with KIKX Tucson “The Great 58” 580am, a great sounding station. Fellow jock with to WFUN Miami. PD Bill Vermillion heard 4 or 5 sets of me at the end of his audition. Vermillion started calling me to come to Miami. Called me 8 times!! Wouldn’t quit! I was from New Mexico, Miami other side of the world. He finally stopped calling. I was transferred to Phoenix (KRUX) SAN Francisco called (KFRC) I’ve been here almost 44 years…

  2. Ryan

    This sounds like it was April 1997.

  3. big red

    love this guy…but i’m biased 🙂

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