The Greaseman, WPOP Hartford | March, 1975

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Thumbing through the vast unposted tape collection here at the Airchexx studios we stumbled upon this vintage scope of Doug Tract, AKA The Greaseman at WPOP Hartford toward the end of both his tenure and WPOP’s days as a music station before it became an all-news outlet. This is so rare, in fact, I think there is only one aircheck of Greaseman on WPOP on the web aside from this one.

This is a first generation tape which sounds very much like it came right out of the studio skimmer. The only editing done here is your webmaster took the silence out of where the skimmer stopped recording when the mic cut off and back on. The BAD part of this recording is that the first part of each word is cut off, probably due to a delay in the remote relay on the tape machine.

I will tell you that unless you were in Hartford and heard Greaseman in 1975 you will barely recognize him here, as this is not the irreverent guy one might remember from DC-101 or his syndicated program. Its very odd to hear him talking over intros, playing jingles or doing local radio… its really a WOW moment!

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