The Hillman Morning Show, 107.3 WAAF Worcester | March 11, 2003

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“My Concern is mainly, maintaining a dialogue

It’s not often one captures an historic broadcast in the making, but in this case, it seems so. I’m Steve West, your friendly, but shy curator, and at the time of this recording, I was living and working in Memphis, Tennessee. My parents and my daughter were and still are living in Massachusetts. So, I took a little road trip, with a boombox in hand that used to record nearly perfect airchecks, if I got into the right spot. WAAF ALWAYS came in well in Orange. The rest from Boston… meh.

Matt McDonough From Mudvayne
Matt McDonough, Drummer for Mudvayne

This particular day, I was scanning around for something interesting to record for posterity and I stopped at WAAF. Seemed like a lot of Bush bashing was going on, and I, just over five years out of the military, was steamed to attention. I hit the record button. What you’re about to hear is an honest to goodness free speech broadcast capturing both sides of public opinion of George W. Bush, right at the time, about a year into the Iraq war, where his popularity is taking a nose dive and entertainers and such are turning on the president.

Fortunately, HIllman is on the side SUPPORTING THE PRESIDENT. Matt McDonough really doesn’t. The Dixie Chicks debacle kinda comes to mind here. Honestly, you have just got to LISTEN!

As a side note, I had launched Airchexx about 10 months before this recording.  I mulled over posting it and at the time, thought that perhaps after the recording aged a bit and a new generation grew up, with their own opinions of history, and their own place in society that this would fit perfectly.  Now, 15 years later… I think it’s time.

Comment, kids.  #Trump, #Bush, #Mudvayne, #DixieChicks, #9/11, you name it.  The floor is open.

No shouting, bashing, insulting or plain hate… I’ll just delete you.  Have fun!

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