The Ken Draper WCFL Story

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And now, courtesy of new Contributor Jim Hampton, a story that everyone should hear!

The battle for the hearts and ears of Chicago was on for the better part of two decades. For many years, the top spot went back and forth from WLS to WCFL and back.

WCFL was, of course, the ONLY radio station owned by a Labor Union. The Chicago Federation of Labor had used the station extensively in pro-worker’s programming. But the Top 40 years were certainly the glory years for WCFL, and while there were pro-labor programs – usually in the weekend early Sunday morning slot when most of Chicago was asleep, most of the excitement on the station was the jocks and the music.

Ken Draper was one of America’s great programmers. Our contributor conducted this wonderful interview which includes jingles and airchecks, with the great Ken Draper. He contacted us here at Airchexx and offered us this pristine copy. Our sincere thanks to Jim Hampton!