Bob Lang & Charlie Fox on 63 KDWB St. Paul | December, 1974


We have a number of the 90s, 101.3 FM CHR version of this station, but this is the first of the original AM Top 40 recordings!

What a great morning show. This is what they called “The new sound of KDWB”… and it was memorable! Here’s the “Q” format done in the Twin Cities and it’s just perfect timing that this posts now as this aircheck and the calendar say Christmas is coming soon!

The Phrase that Pays contest is well underway. As a gag, these guys call midday guy John Sebastian at home just to wake him and say Bill Drake is calling. Here’s a hilarious morning show, done on AM. That’s AM, for you kiddies who just can’t believe anything interesting was ever broadcast on that band!

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  1. Joe Crain

    A quick listen and several references to “tonight” — sounds like a couple of jocks goofing around after a station Christmas party late at night. Not a morning drive show…

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