October 20, 2021

9 thoughts on ““The Radio BBQ”, WRMI International, Lake Okeechobee FL | September 09, 2017

  1. Here are some of the participants: Bob Gilmore, Famous Amos, Mark James, Gary Theroux, Steve West, Magic Matt Craig, Kara Reifert, Dave Plotkin, Tim Richmond, Paul DeMarco, Brett Provo, and so many more my mind just went blank!

  2. I think I was the first one there the evening before the broadcast. Thanks for the great time and hospitality Bob Gilmore!!! Ken “Squirt Baby Shoot Gilbert” with Bruce and Jim Knapp, AKA Jim Kaye, “The Big Tuna”

  3. Can someone correct my name in the top bar of this post? Amos screws up my name once and nobody can get it right anymore!

    It was a blast and a big thanks to Bob for hosting the gig, his family for tolerating all of us, and to Paul Walker and, of course, Jeff White of WRMI for letting a bunch of radio guys go wild on the airwaves.

  4. I appreciate that, Steve. I’ll let you “discover’ my air name once I hand over the scoped video aircheck to Gilmo. It came out pretty nice considering the number of people who walked in front of the camera.

  5. For those jonesin’ for a behind the scenes peek at things Bob Gilmore gave me the OK to post the scoped video aircheck of the evening’s broadcast. It’s on my HobbyBroadcaster YouTube channel – //youtu.be/r5G_Lfg-if4

    @Steve: Don’t know if you haven’t gotten to it yet, but my name is still misspelled at the top bar of the post here.

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