The Real Bob James on The Time Machine – 66 WNBC New York | May 28, 1988

660 New York WNBC

These airchecks keep popping up, seemingly out of nowhere. Given that the Airchexx curator has been doing WNBC Time Machine recreations for the past two years it’s little wonder. This gem comes from Bob Gilmore’s collection. This likely originated with former, now deceased, WNBC engineer Gary Blau, who made dozens of STEREO recordings from the transmitter’s AM Stereo generator.

The one thing that stands out here is Bob James and his humor. He did have a joke for every occasion and when they fell flat, he had something to rescue himself from it and still leave the audience laughing. I’ll leave it to you to hear them for yourself.

This includes a full news report and then one break from Dan Taylor.

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