October 28, 2021

3 thoughts on “Philadelphia CHR Wars 1 – Part 1b | 1992

  1. Great airchecks! You had two very different CHR’s being represented in Philly. Personally I thought Eagle 106 sounded way better, processing, playlist and everything; but Q102 ended up winning this battle unfortunately. Side note, though, all 45 minutes of this presentation sounded more like mid-Fall of 1991, because they were just announcing the retirement of Magic Johnson and that was definitely 1991, not 1992. Plus a lot of the songs on Eagle I could hear on the October 1991 aircheck of Z100 in NYC.

  2. I was always a fan on Eagle 106 until Q102 came along. The on air personallities seemed to be more funny, down to earth, and not so ‘canned’ like 106 was. besides they had good mix fridays that kept me up past when I was supposed to be sleeping (heck, I was only a teenager) LOL.

    I miss back home 🙁

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