Todd & Jayde in the Morning, Reunion Day, 95.5 WPLJ New York – Part 3 | May 30, 2019

Todd Pettingil and Jayde

One era comes to an end and then comes the reminiscing. Todd & Jayde’s final hour on the day before WPLJ ceased broadcasting was nothing but professional. No giant break downs by the staff and they did just what they always did every morning. Todd Pettingil even says, “The best way for us to honor PLJ is for us to just do a great show”.

Todd & Jayde were apparently asked if they wanted to participate in the ‘Reunion’ portion of the day – which would have simply started at 6am instead of 9am, but apparently the answer was no, because they wanted to do their OWN show as they always had. And, it wouldn’t be radio if rumors didn’t circulate about the professional relationship between Todd and Scott Shannon, who did appear later that morning. I’ll leave that one to our visitors to sort out.

Lets just get on with the audio!

Many thanks to Big Apple Airchecks for providing the audio!

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