Cousin Bruce Morrow, 77 WABC New York | 1968

Cousin Brucie at WCBS-FM

Fairly short and scoped, this is a glimpse into the evening show heard at WABC during the late 1960s. Bruce Morrow was very unique in his approach and one that won over the hearts of millions. Morrow is one of a kind, a person who has the ability to reach out and touch his audience in a very personal way. This comes through clearly in this 15-minute recording.

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Program highlights:

This starts with Cousin Brucie thanking his sponsor for the past half hour. A unique aspect of Morrow’s WABC show was that he had sponsored segments. This goes into a News sounder and the first few seconds into ABC news. Later, there will be a full newscast featuring the ABC Contemporary Network, and WABC local news. Then something interesting… a record report – from a DIFFERENT RADIO STATION! This kind of thing is usually considered ‘inside’ information, but WABC turns it into a feature, showing once again that the station capitalized on almost anything to present to the audience that would separate it from its competitors! Notice the constant fading. This aircheck was obviously recorded some distance from New York city, as WABC’s signal wavers in signal strength through the nighttime AM propagation.

We have no idea of the date on this recording, but there are hints – we’ll leave it up to the audience to guess the exact date!

Courtesy of Contributor Frank Davis