Tom Kennedy, News & Good Morning Boston, 105.7 WVBF Framingham Boston | Autumn, 1993

Tom Kennedy WVBF News

In the days leading up to 105.7’s conversion from a sleepy Adult Contemporary station to Top 40 Country, WVBF expanded its news and information block, especially in the early morning hours. Apparently, the hour before Loren & Wally was an all-news or News/Talk hybrid hour featuring former WRKO Top 40 jock Tom Kennedy.


Heard in this 25 minute aircheck tape is one particular morning in September or early October of ’93 is several news reports and one segment of “Good Morning Boston”. Its unclear as to where this tape came from. While it was donated to our site by David Boucher (WMJX), this seems to be a tape done by Tom Kennedy. Perhaps the two were friends? Or David Boucher recorded it himself. Looking at the tape itself, it looks like a demo tape which would have been sent to radio stations.

This tape is good for a history lesson, if nothing else. George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton have agreed to a presidential debate, Clinton leads the polls by a fairly wide margin and Ross Perot is mentioned as being included in the upcoming debate. The temperature is in the low 70s, which means this is likely either from late September or early October


The audio quality is very good. Some of this sounds like it may have been recorded in the WVBF studio, and others sound like it was off the air, judging by the audio processing. It’s not easy to determine this without paying close attention. At any rate, it was recorded on a decent cassette machine with the play heads properly aligned. There are no drop outs, but it really wouldn’t matter considering that there is no music on this recording whatsoever.


David Boucher is known for his nights on WMJX “Magic 106.7” Boston. He has made numerous recordings of Boston and the surrounding smaller market stations and has decided to share what he has with us.



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