Tom & Paul Collins, 79 WQXI Atlanta | December 19, 1964, Part 1

WQXI Logo circa 1964

Date of Recording: 12.19.1964
Station: 790 WQXI Atlanta
Format: Top 40
Station Slogan(s): Quicksie, Audio 79
Featured Air Personalities: Tom Krimsler (“Collins”), Bob Krimsler (“Collins”)
Contributor: Bob Jones
Post Date: 12.07.2017
Airchexx Entry: 1,531

We got a brand new secret word for ya…

Curator’s Notes:

Over the years, we’ve posted many WQXI airchecks and most feature Gary McKee or someone else and mainly all of them are from the 1970s. This one takes us back to the year that the Beatles broke upon the music scene. You’ll hear some beatles played and mentioned in the banter. Tom was working with his brother Paul – true story. They called themselves the “Tiger Twins” and had the late night/overnight show.

We’ll refrain from further comments and defer to our visitors to fill in the blanks.