Tom Prestigiacomo, 79 WAKY Louisville #4 | Summer, 1978

More blazing Summer fun from ‘Wacky 79’! Tom Prestigiacomo was nice enough to donate this series of airchecks of his time at WAKY – actually, as I recall, I had to pry them, as Tom is as humble as he is nice. Here’s 1978 #4 in this series which includes nearly two dozen between here and late 1979.

There are some JAM WAKY jingles heard here, lots of area merchants represented during commercial breaks and mentions of area places to cool off. Tom’s got a great sense of humor which comes across. If there was a station on AM doing this format today, even with all the FM competition, would YOU listen? I would…

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  1. Joe Crain

    OUTSTANDING AIRCHECK—Tom Prestigiacomo is one of the best… heard him frequently on FM 100 Memphis. Nice to hear pre-Memphis on WAKY. But, based on the currents on the aircheck, this would be from the Summer of ’79, not ’78.

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