Tony Taylor, 98.7 WOR-FM New York | 1969

From the generocity of Contributor Karl Philips, here’s Tony Taylor (WQXI Atlanta) on the old WOR-FM.

Lots of Bill Drake and the format that was slightly modified (well, the jingles were) to reflect the New York “Big Town Sound”. Still, it’s tempting to hear ’93 KHJ’ in your head when these jingles play! Remember this was Drake’s answer to ABC’s “All Americans” on 77 WABC. And while this sounds fantastic, remember that this is New York and nobody, not even Bill Drake, was going to beat WABC… although RKO didn’t know that then and they sure tried!

WOR-FM had two eras as an independent FM station: First, as one of New York City’s first Progressive Rock stations, then a Bill Drake – consulted Top 40 station. This is from the latter era. Then, RKO flipped WOR-FM to WXLO. “99X” had it’s own, high energy Top 40 era, and for about 6 years in the 1970s was king of New York’s FM airwaves.



  1. Rick

    I worked at WOR, OR-FM, and 99X. They were owned by General Tire.

  2. Awesome to run across this. I used to love listening to Tony, and Sebastian Stone and the rest of OR-fm’s crew. Working there for 2 years in between long stints at CKLW was a huge thrill…being a New Yorker originally. My only regret was that I never got to meet or work with Jim O’Brien (who was there earlier). He was, in my opinion, the best jock OR ever had. Memories…. nice.

  3. Bill

    I’m Glad I found this site. It brings back fond memories. I was a WOR-FM Engineer from day 1.(The day we stopped simulcasting.) I engineered for Scott Muni, Murray the K and all of the Drake Jocks over the years.I left after the Jay Thomas ERA.It was the best time I ever had in Broadcasting. (Remember we put Rock and Roll on FM.)

  4. Karl Phillips

    I attended the 2nd Annual Georgia Radio Hall of Fame dinner and induction ceremonies on October the 4th. Tony Taylor was inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame that night…It was great !!!

  5. sim

    i m from london england and i worked in the transatlantic cable room in the city in 1969-1970 .our contacts were the guys in white plains,as a favour they would pump wor across in the night[evening states time].used to have it on low all night long, so much better than our stations[not many went through the night anyway.]lovely memories, thanks. sim.

  6. Ron Parker

    This is the best! I grew up on Tony in 66-67 on WQXI Atlanta…. And listened to him back in the NYC area in 1969. One word describes Tony – smooth….

  7. Tony

    Typos … typos … sorry

    I should hire an editor.

    Perhaps I’m wrong, but I understood after Drake took over WOR-FM in 1967 that the the format was 60 percent oldies and 40 percent current.

    Drake does say at one point “Memories are made of this.”


  8. Gary McKenzie

    Actually we at 99X DID beat WABC but it took until the mid 70s.

  9. Hybrid Drake ! And Tony had it down to a “Science” !

    I’ve got some GREAT 99X airchexx…Dave Thompson, Mark Driscoll, etc. (’72)…I’ll be zipping those to very soon…’cause…”Memories are made of These”!

  10. Tony

    The film “1,000 Rifles” was released on March 26, 1969 in the U.S., so the aircheck is probably shortly after this date.


  11. MiamiMike

    Tony Taylor…one of the smoothest.
    Great voice, too.

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