Tony “The Tiger” Taylor, 79 WQXI Atlanta | April 1, 1965

790 Atlanta WQXI

…You’ve got a tiger in your tank!

Now, just added to the world’s LARGEST collection of WQXI airchecks, this fabulous 30 minutes scoped recording of Tony ‘the tiger’ on Quicksie in Dixie and those wonderful PAMS jingles! This comes to us from our friend Matt Seinberg, a trusted source of classics!

It’s April Fools’ Day and Taylor says someone’s playing a trick since he can’t get the Beatles in for an encore performance… actually the record seems to not wanna play at the start of this aircheck but he gets it working with a perfect talkup. You’ll hear plenty of classic commercials and Taylor’s top 5 countdown.

Audio quality is quite good, it’s the reception that has a bit of noise on it, as it sounds like WQXI was received near a noisy power line… all in all very good sound however. This apparently came to us encoded right off the original source reel (credited to Ira Menaker…thank you.).