Uncle Mike & Fisher, 1090 KLDR Aurora (Denver) | April 2, 1979

Big Apple Airchecks Matt Seinberg New York TradersKLDR, Denver – “Someplace Special”.
We’ve stumbled upon a short-lived AM music station which did evolve into Top 40 into the early 80s from this – whatever format this is. It sounds Middle Of the Road or Adult Contemporary, but really, A Beatles song covered by The Carpenters? In 1979?

The morning show is “Uncle Mike & Fisher”, neither of whom ring a bell here, but someone out there knows for sure.
Tim Kelly reads the News, Mike Wolf handles Sports.
Today, KLDR is on 98.3 FM

98.3 Denver 1090 Denver KLDR

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2 Replies to “Uncle Mike & Fisher, 1090 KLDR Aurora (Denver) | April 2, 1979”

  1. Jay Sawyer

    I believe this is Scott Fisher. He is currently doing some radio imaging out of Texas. He was hired as the midday man with me in the early 1990’s at WALR 104.7 FM. I have NO idea who Uncle Mike may have been. I believe this is Scott’s website //www.scottfisher.com/

  2. Neil Smith

    I played a “street dance” at Larimer Sqaure for KLDR late 70s or early 80s with the band “Earth Angel” the station format didn’t last long but it was fun. We got to record the commercials for the event at the station which used to be located at the top of the Radisson hotel in Downtown Denver. The DJ I remember was Ron Armstrong – don’t know what happened to him after that – heard he was teaching in a broadcasting school in Denver for a while.

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