Walt Baby Love, 98.7 WXLO New York | May 17, 1974


Walt Baby Love WXLO 99X CKLW The Big 8Walt Baby Love is BACK! Literally – Here’s 30 minutes of 99X, RKO General’s Q format, New York FM style on a station known and loved for generations after its heyday.

Do you know that Elton John was once a DJ on 99X? Its true! In the Summer of 1975, Sir Elton was a guest on Lee Douglas’ show on 99X, and was such a hit that Douglas let him have a couple of hours on the air! Here’s what it sounded like.

Walt Baby Love is, indeed, a much loved Deejay. He came to 99X from “The Big 8”, CKLW Windsor, Ontario, another legendary Bill Drake formatted station from the 1960s that for a while in the 1970s, would pick up RKO General’s “Q” format. You can hear Walt Baby Love on CKLW HERE.

Walt Baby Love Gospel TraxxWalt Baby Love was a radio DJ for a long time before becoming an ordained minister in 2005. Today, Reverend Walter Shaw (his real name) has an online ministry, a syndicated gospel radio show, and is a best-selling author. You can read about Rev. Shaw HERE, and visit his website and ministry HERE.


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