Walt ‘Baby’ Love, CKLW, “The Big 8” Windsor (Detroit) | 1970


New from the Mike Raub collection, 6 minutes of Walt Baby Love, heard in 1970 doing the Bill Drake format at The Big 8! Here’s a YOUNG sounding Baby Love, from the years before he would join the cast of WXLO 99X New York.

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  1. Gary McKenzie

    He currently hosts three uplifting radio programs – The Urban AC Countdown, Gospel Traxx, Making It Happen and the Countdown with Walt Baby Love. Walt is heard on over 200 radio stations.
    //www.waltbabylove.com He is also an ordained minister!

    Worked with Walt at WXLO, 99X, New York in 1974-75 as News Director of this legendary station, made even more memorable by Walt!

  2. Paul Hopfgarten

    A little off track, but it is interesting that Canada started Daylight Savings earlier in the year than the USA back then…

    • Jay Rudko

      Actually, at the time of this recording, Michigan didn’t observe daylight saving time. There were several states back then that didn’t do the time change. I live in Florida, and we didn’t observe it until 1966.

  3. David

    I grew up listening to Walt “Baby” Love on top-40 WOR-FM/WXLO and, later, even pop adult (or soft rock or contemporary MOR or whatever adult contemporary was called at the time) WNBC.

  4. David

    I remember the “West Coast vs. East Coast Dragster Championship” being advertised on New York City top-40 stations as coming to National Speedway on Long Island (NYC’s eastern suburbs’ version of New Jersey’s Raceway Park (of “HA-hahahahahahaha!RACEwayyyy PARK!!” radio-commercial fame), itself advertised heavily on New York Top 40 radio back in the day.

  5. Paul Zinger

    Listened to The Big Eight across the Lake in Erie Pa. While I attended Gannon College. The greatest station I have ever enjoyed listening to, then one day it was gone, memories still live on.

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