Warren Schroeger on FM 97 WJIB Boston | December 1980

Warren Schroeger on FM 97 WJIB Boston | December 1980

WJIB FM97 Boston – Warren Schroeger – December 1980

Courtesy: Warren Schroeger

There was a time when the Beautul Music / Easy Listening was one of the most popular music formats on FM. Many cities had 2, or even 3 stations with this format. As we moved into the late 70s & early 1980s, the format was pushed out of place, as formats that were traditionally on AM, like Top 40 & R&B, were migrating to FM. Also, many radio station owners wanted formats that appealed to younger listeners.

WJIB was one of Boston’s Beautiful music stations. WJIB launched the Easy Listening format in 1967. This air check features the station in it’s final few years in the format. -Ellis

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