Wayne Moss, 1480 WABB Mobile AL | April, 1964

1480 AM Mobile Wayne Boss Wayne Dean WABB 97.5 FM Mobile

Contributor Mike Raub sent us this incredible recording! WABB was doing Top 40 in 1964 with lots of reverb and personality! Wayne Moss is filling in the morning show for normal show host Wayne Dean.

Not sure if this was standard at WABB, but the jock acts as Newsman and apparently voices everything. Listen as Boss pauses often (rather than stumble over his words), making sure to get pronunciations right. The reverb is used ad-nausea during the newscast, turned all the way up when they announce what community a particular story is from.

This is mainly a recording of the news, but we do get to hear some in-format stuff.

1480 AM Mobile Wayne Boss Wayne Dean WABB 97.5 FM Mobile


  1. Jeffery James

    Speaking of 1480, can you send a call out tsee if anyone has any KWIZ 1480 or 96.7 KWIZ-FM from Santa Ana (Orange County) from the 70’s or 80s? I would love to hear some of that station if at all possible. The webmaster would love the sound of that station…………………………JJ

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