Willie B. Goode, 95.5 WPLJ New York | October 10, 1986

95.5 New York WPLJ Power 95 Mojo Radio Today's Best Music Scott Shannon

Power 95 is solidly CHR, but not yet Mojo Radio. The jingles will remind you that 95.5 was once WABC-FM, and looking back listening to this, its obvious that ABC was in some way trying to re-create the MusicRadio 77 magic on FM. At least to some small degree.

Willie B is heard on part of this, then its the syndicated “Party America” with Fast Jimi Roberts (unmistakably, Jim Roberts the mid-day guy on 98 1/2 WROR Boston during its Full Service AC days of 1980-81). At six minutes, we barely get a feel for the rhythm of WPLJ. But considering how hot Z100 was in 1986, its little wonder that later, WPLJ would woo Scott Shannon over to the ABC compound.

And, the METS were playing the Red Sox in the World Series. Mets fever broke out everywhere and you can hear the promo that WPLJ did capitalizing on that.

95.5 New York WPLJ Power 95 Mojo Radio Today's Best Music Scott Shannon


  1. Willie B. Goode sounds like Gnarly Charlie from Miami’ s WFLC. Is that who this is here?

  2. Mike Schwartz

    Yes Jorge, Willie/Gnarly are the same guy. Fast Jimi Roberts was handling PM drive at the time of this aircheck. Willie B came to WPLJ during the summer of 1984 following Peter Bush who came over about six months earlier. Both came from KC-101 in New Haven and helped make PLJ a dominant Adult Top 40 in the model of the former while trying to reach higher demos than Z100.

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