Wolfman Jack, 1090 XERB Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico | April 12, 1970

1090 Mexico XERB

Contributor Steven Green had this transferred from one of his reels – prized posession, we suspect :).

This is an original recording of Wolfman Jack, made in the Spring of 1970. Authentic AM static, Southern California commercials and XERB jingles are all included!

Its surprising this hasn’t turned up somewhere before now, but our contributor likely did not share this until now. This is certainly not some ‘bootleg’ Wolfman album or some promotional item from XERB! You will hear (parts) of songs not heard on radio’s airwaves for decades.

1090 Mexico XERB


  1. After KHJ this was the go-to radio station for us Southern California teens. Great to hear the wolfman on the prowl again!

  2. MarkO

    There’s a great story behind those Black & Brown Trading Stamps. Online accounts indicate that the scheme was started in 1969 by Oakland Raider all-star end Art Powell, with financial backing from James Brown, and was specifically targeted at African Americans. The stamps had a picture of James Brown on them, and could be exchanged directly for merchandise at participating stores across California. Not much value though…a full book of 50 pages of stamps equated to $3 in merchandise! Reportedly the scheme generated a million dollars in value in its first year, but apparently it didn’t last long.

  3. calradiopd

    It’s turned up somewhere before now.

    It’s been on Reelradio.com since January, 1997, and is one of the most commonly traded Wolfman Jack XERB airchecks.

    • Yes, I agree. This air-check is not rare. It’s a goodie though. Reelradio.com is an excellent website with thousands of air-checks including some from Wolfman!

  4. Jim

    I was growing up in Escondido Ca ive heard many Wolfman Jack radio shows back in the mid 60’s I any one was living in Escondido , San Marcos Or Vista feel free to contact me Ok By

  5. Bill

    It is truely great to hear Wolf. Don’t get me wrong,
    I liked him, but it was amazing how bad the structure
    was. Several breaks pass, and no call letters given.
    Rolling into spots and no calls, etc. Fun to hear though.

  6. hey bill that was the wolfman always unpredictable still love em,,,,,

  7. actually it would have been the ops at the station they had reel to reels with his voice then the songs and the jingles so blame it on them,,,,,,,

  8. Joe

    XERB would boom into the Pacific Northwest at 1090 AM when KING-AM would go off the air at midnight on Saturdays.

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