Yvonne Daniels on WGCI 107.5 Chicago | December 1988

107.5 Chicago WGCI


WGCI 107.5 Chicago – Yvonne Daniels – December 1988

Courtesy: Ola Jay

This WGCI Chicago aircheck features the legendary Yvonne Daniels. In 1973, she was the first female air personality hired by WLS. Yvonne worked at several stations including WYNR, WCFL during it’s jazz days and WSDM-FM, before getting the call to come to The Rock of Chicago.

On air, Yvonne was tight, brief, & lively. She was heard by listeners across the country, as she held down the overnight shift for nearly eight years on WLS. She eventually moved across town to WVON then WGCI, where she is on this 1988 recording, and she sounds great.

Sadly, Yvonne Daniels passed on in 1991 at 54 years old. -Ellis

107.5 Chicago WGCI


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