1400 WCOS

Composite: 1400 WCOS Columbia SC | August 4, 1958

I uncovered an interesting fact while researching this recording. What written history there is of early WCOS programming was apparently remembered wrong, or the facts concerning this station’s change to Top 40 on August 5, 1958 were logged incorrectly. The recording you’re about to listen to features plenty of news, an “Open Mic” program and various programming elements throughout the day. WCOS is heavily promoting it’s new “Top 60 in Dixie” format about to begin the next day, and as part of its on air stunt, plays “I Wish I Was In Dixie” as the only record all day long. Historians record that the song was sung by Dean Martin, but as this recording clearly shows, it was NOT sung by Dean Martin, but rather Sammy Kaye and his Orchesra. T...