101.1 WWDC

Sample: WWDC Washington DC | July 15, 1999

Here’s a sample of “DC-101” from the Summer of ’99. Notice the format is current based, and right in the middle of the Rock Genre, with plenty of classics. There were harder rocking stations, such as Baltimore’s WIYY “98 Rock”, and true-Alternative formats such as 99-HFS, but DC 101 straddled the fence and played it all. Here’s a short sample, commercials included. Illustrating just how long ago 1999 was, when was the last time you could buy a Big Mac at McDonald’s for $2.99? That’s why we leave the commercial breaks intact! Aircheck #1,373 since May 2, 2002

Steve Wayne for Lou Katz on 1260 WWDC Washington

Here’s a short look at the AM side of WWDC from approximately the mid-1970s. While the exact date is unknown (we’ve had good luck with listeners doing research of their own for us – so have at it and post it in the ‘comments’ section below, if you wish), we think this is from a time when there were just two Top 40 AM stations in the nation’s Capitol. The other was the more recognizable WPGC. This was apparently an ABC O&O station, featuring news from the “American Contemporary Radio” network, and jocks like Lou Katz and Jack Casey. You’ll hear a promotion for the WWDC ‘Something Special’ contest, a few full length commercials and part of a network newscast.

The Greaseman, WWDC-FM Washington – DC101 | March 30, 1988

How long has it been since The Greaseman was DC-101’s morning guy? Courtesy of Matt @ Big Apple Airchecks, this will surely bring back fond memories of the man who had a million stories (or so it seemed). We sure miss hearing Doug Tracht and here’s why. Here’s a real personality – someone who was a shock jock long before that term existed! Nothing and nobody was off limits, even on his local radio show before syndication. This starts out with Greaseman taking calls from people who are bulking up – weight lifters who wish to get a bit of advice from Grease himself. The show just goes downhill from there. You’ll hear news, traffic and weather (the morning airstaff consists of he, him and hisself – all under different names!)… and he does play s...

The Greaseman (Doug Tracht), WWDC-FM ‘DC101’ Washington | 1983

He was irreverent. Bold. Outlandish. Wierd. And certainly not your run-of-the-mill radio personality. Doug Tracht, better known as The Greaseman, had a way about him on the air that no one before or since ever did. It’s probably indescribable, the stories, mumbling and sometimes just plain highly suggestive gibberish expelled by Grease’… but sometimes, it was just genius. Here’s a slice of morning radio at DC101, presumably several clips from different shows and all of it from 1983. From Greaseman’s own parody of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” to a skit with the setting being the jungles of North Vietnam, this composite aircheck runs the gambit from the sexually suggestive to hilarious, to the downright serious. As Contributor Steve Bleecker des...

“Steveski”, WWDC ‘DC101’ Washington DC | October 8, 1987

New Contributor David Varndell checks in with this high quality recording of Steveski during his afternoon show. Its a crisp, Autumn day and the weather forecast is for freezing temperatures this particular night. We left the commercials in this one, as we often do, because of the historic nature of them. Check out the prices for suits at the “Men’s Warehouse” – yes, they were around in 1987! Most notably, in the first stop set, the very first commercial is for the (then) brand-new Microsoft Works! Remember, for those of us with computers, most of us were working in DOS, or with a Commodore 64… this is SO TELLING of the state of technology, even as we remember that in radio years, 1987 just doesn’t seem like that long ago! Also VERY PROMINENT on this air...

The Greaseman, WWDC-FM DC101 Washington | March 11, 1988

Its The Greaseman (Doug Tracht) in all his glory! This was recorded by Matt, owner of Big Apple Airchecks, who also recorded this aircheck of Grease on 3/30/88. The topic du jour is teens who date older women – at least that’s how this starts out. Its quite amazing to hear what happens when the Greaseman gets wound up about a subject. Perhaps its the inflection in his voice. Greaseman is just too unique to describe, you must listen for yourself. Especially if you never heard him before. Ol’ Grease got himself into a bit of trouble a few years back from what left his tongue, and unfortunately what’s left of his career was transmitting from WMET AM in Washington DC a few years back. That station’s web presence is gone now and we can only hope he has moved on to ...