Format Changes

Format Change in Chicago: WCFL AM 1000 Becomes WLUP | April 29, 1987

Date of Recording: April 28-29, 1987 Station(s): WCFL AM 1000, WLUP/WLUP-FM 97.9 Chicago, Illinois Featured Air Talent: Steve Dahl, Gary Meier, Jonathan Brandmeir, Patty Hayes, Various others Contributor: Frank Davis Aircheck Entry: 1,423 Comments: “WCFL – Nothing has changed but the religion…” At the stroke of midnight, 4.29.87, The legendary WCFL call letters disappeared forever from AM 1000. So, too, did the unique religious programming. In a final half hour in which the station hosts said goodbye, a farewell show worthy of a great Top 40 station, the staff takes the time to say goodbye to dozens of callers… then goes out with a prayer. The next hour of this hour and a half aircheck is all the new WLUP (AM) in the minutes following the midnight flip, then l...

Frequency Swap in Boston – Part 2: WCRB from 102.5 to 99.5 | 12:00 PM December 1, 2006

…”Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa, and his name is Greater Media!” Now on to part two of this simultaneous aircheck. Just for fun I thought it would be cool to put the 99.5 frequency on the right, and the 102.5 frequency on the left and hear it that way… but, well.. not. Way too confusing hahaha! Here’s the recording of 102.5 for your listening pleasure. And, yes. We are going to make you listen to 20 minutes of classical music going into the arrival of WKLB Country 102.5! It only helps to build excitement… plus, Classical is certainly in the public domain so we’re quite sure we’re safe on this one. This is exactly how it sounded at noon Friday December 1, 2006! Please, LISTEN to this entire aircheck. WKLB arrives right on time after the Nati...

Frequency Swap in Boston – Part 1: WKLB from 99.5 to 102.5 | 12:00 PM December 1, 2006

Writeup forthcoming – While I usually try to have a comment to go along with things we post here, the explanation of the WKLB/WCRB frequency swap is far too involved for me to finish writing at the moment. It will come, and we invite visitors to leave their own comments below. This is a major event in Boston, one that has taken over a year to accomplish. Our thanks to contributor Bob Nelson. This was a breaking aircheck at the time of its posting in ’06 Here’s the first part, monitoring of 99.5

“Steve” 103.9 KBZR Moves Into Phoenix

Prior to the Spring of 1996, KBZR was one of the many frequencies statewide that was carrying “The Blaze”. “The Blaze” was a bizarre Alternative/AOR/CHR hybrid format. In either March or April 1996, KBZR broke off from the other frequencies and began airing “old school” music…i.e., Hispanic-oriented Gold selections from the R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Freestyle, and Disco genres. As it turns out, the music selected and the audience it targeted were both premonitions to the eventual format and target audience. There were no jocks, but an interesting stunt that is best described as a radio version of the “Where’s Waldo” book series. Promos and sweepers (voiced by station owner Jerry Clifton) claimed that the station was looking for “Steve” as they were “moving in from the desert”. To make a very...

Format Change: FM News Ends; New Rock Begins, 101.9 WEMP New York | July 17, 2012

Essentially picking up where the old WRXP “Rock Experience” format left off with a new and improved twist, Merlin’s 101.9 FM dropped it’s almost year-old FM News format at 10:05 AM. Our sister site, Radioinsight, as always, covered the event while the rest of the radio world looked on. You can read the rest of our coverage here. Click Here for Audio courtesy of The Format Change Archive Related Posts: Rock 101.9 WRXP Farewell, Part 1 Rock 101.9 WRXP Farewell, Part 2 Rock 101.9 WRXP Farewell, Part 3 New York’s 101.9 FM Reinvents Itself as 101.9 FM New

Format Change: 96.1 flips from WKJI “K-JOY” Center Moriches, NY Simulcast to WJVC “My Country 96.1”

Its been a long-awaited event in this part of New York, where Country actually can be heard on FM, but as was announced on our sister site,, JVC broadcasting launched a new Country format on 96.1 at the stroke of Midnight, January 19, 2011. The change had been slated for 12pm on January 18th, but bad weather forced the flip to be pushed back by 12 hours. The change was very low key. No announcements beforehand on-air. Simply the normal “John Tesh Radio Show” until just before Midnight, a 5 minute stop-set, a final ‘Legal ID’ as WKJI, then a full :30 seconds of silence. Country then began as a Legal ID of WJVC, and combined sweeper announcing one thousand songs in a row, commercial free. Here is the flip, including the last half hour or so of the K-J...