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The Airchexx Live! Gigantic Montage – 1960-1984

Date of Recording: November, 2016 Station: HitOldies (Internet Radio) Format: Classic Hits Featured Air Personality: None Creator: Steve West Airchexx Entry: 1,488 …The time is 8 pm, Ron Reilly is on the air, and Chicago is asleep! Comments: This was intended to be broadcast on Internet Radio on New Year’s Eve, here’s a production that is quite incomplete. I had originally intended this to go right up to 2016 with more news and other audio clips… but as sometimes happens, life got in the way. In this case, I ended up being sick most of December culminating with me spending New Year’s in the hospital with acute pancreatitis.. which the nurse said was just about the most painful thing one can get aside from being shot. But I’m still here! Thi...

July 4th Airchexx Special – Jingle Montage Remastered 2007

First posted back in October of 2004 on this site, the original jingle montage ran 31 minutes and was in Real Audio format. I turned this into the July 4th Special for our 7/4/2007 update. Specifically highlighted are jingles from various sources including collector Joe Tedd from Long Island, several JAM Creative Productions packages (which I purchased), and various contributors over the years. Make note of some great, some OBSCURE cuts from WCBS-FM, WABC, WLS, WNBC, WNOK, WAKY and a boatload of individual cuts dropped in from other markets you haven’t heard jingles from in a long, long time! This special is for the jingle lover… and the radio lover. I do say a few words, but mainly stay out of the way of this ‘aircheck’… if you can call it that. Please…...

Legal ID’s Volume 2: More 90s

From Quebec & Nova Scotia to NJ, PA and even Turks and Cacos Islands, this seconf volume of assorted legal IDs will keep you riveted to the edge of your seat! This covers mainly the northeast, but listen for an ID from KTNN Window Rock, AZ and some other faraway places in the mix. It covers just about every conceivable format on the air in the last 10 years, and much like Volume 1, this is all pre-9/11 stuff. So listen for your favorite station – yours is probably amongst the hundreds in this hour and a half collection! Another, courtesy of Scott Fybush

Legal ID’s volume 1: 1990s

First off, lets give credit where credit is due. This collection of legal IDs comes to us courtesy of Scott Fybush. I got this collection of tapes (there were 3 in a series) back in the late 90s. This is part one of what I *think* is the entire collection (maybe a few extras) which is/was featured at the Boston Radio Archives website run by Garrett Wollman, and at the time, Scott Fybush. I think Fybush is still involved with the site although there’s not nearly as much new and relevant information there as there was years ago. The main difference between this collection here and what is posted there, is that first off, the fidelity here is much better, since I encoded this via source tapes. Also, we’re presenting this in 3 parts, each one edited to sound like one long aircheck,...

1110 KRLA Pasadena – 1972 Jingle Montage

Here’s a cool set of station jingles that I put into a montage. It was sent in on an unlabelled Maxell UR 60 cassette, with only one thing written on the case, “KRLA Jingles 1972”. The only other station that I remember ever having similar jingles was 1020 KDKA Pittsburgh. It might have been from whatever jingle company created these, or perhaps just something similar. These are very unique- some are long-form jingles lasting :30 seconds, some are short, and they include all different types of arrangements, from a church choir to Rock, Funk, Country & Western and even old Ragtime. I suppose, in theory, the station could play any kind of music and have a jingle that fit. Not having ever lived in California where I could pick up KRLA, I never heard the format in ’...

Jingle Mixdown – 104.5 WFMP Fitchburg Mass, 1979

The station currently known as WXLO 104.5 FM is a Hot AC station which targets the greater metro area of Worcester, Mass, and to a lesser extent, the northern Worcester County communities of Fitchburg and Leominster. Its current signal is enormous, heard just outside of Boston, north into central New Hampshire and west as far as the Quabbin Reservoir. But, prior to 1984, both the station and its signal footprint were much smaller. From January, 1979 until April or May of 1984, the station then known as WFMP had its transmitter atop a hill in Fitchburg, Mass. The signal was beamed there via STL link from the studios located at 170 Prichard St., a road just behind the downtown business district in Fitchburg and as I remember it, right next to Fitchburg High School. The studio was housed in a...

Airchexx Presents: The WLS Jingle Montage

Courtesy of Contributor and Featured Jock Allen Beebe… Jingle freaks, this is as close to heaven as one can get! Starting with the first Top 40 jingle package, An Anita Kerr package, if I recall correctly, this blows through many of the major jingles heard on WLS from 1960 through the talkradio years! Whether you liked the old “Eight-Nine-Oh, Chicago” melody, “The Rock Of Chicago” or just “89 WLS”, you’ll hear all melodies represented here. These somehow came right from the original reels, all are in ultra-high quality, and some even from the 70s are in STEREO! But beware, this moves along really fast, and while it runs about 7 and a half minutes, it isn’t all-inclusive, as WLS, like it’s sister station WABC, aired hundreds of jin...

1979 Northeast Jingle Montage

This is very short but included on a tape contributed by Big Apple Airchecks is this 3 1/2 minute clip of just jingles. This isn’t the best quality, but all were recorded off the air and taken from assorted airchecks. The only two I recognize as not being from the New England area are WGAR Cleveland and WLS Chicago. Everything else is mainly northern New England… NH and Maine stations. There are a few Boston jingles. Listen for the old ‘Soft Rock 103’ WEEI-FM cuts and the signature Charlie Van Dyke WRKO jock cut as interesting items in this.

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