The Airchexx / HitOldies Gigantic Montage – 1960-1999

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Creator: Steve West


…The time is 8 pm, Ron Reilly is on the air, and Chicago is asleep!


This rolls along very quickly from 1960 all the way to the end of 1999, which is when I stopped production.   Considering that 2003 is 20 years ago (as of this writing), I’ll be updating this to include the 2000s and probably end it for now at 2010.  Production on something like this takes a long time, so be patient.


  1. ron kay

    wow. just plain….wow. 1000 memories in 22 minutes and 53 seconds. wow some more. If you love the hits…you’re gonna love this. Musical Mind Time Traveling. Did I mention…wow ?

  2. Panama Jack

    Fantastic piece! Back in the day that would have taken at least two rolls of splicing tape :). Kinda reminds me of the montage at the end of “A Chronology of American Music” a syndicated show back in 1972 that covered every #1 song from 1955 to 1972. I edited the songs from that production, plus my own record collection to start “The Big X, WXVW 1450 in the Louisville, KY market, one of the 1st Oldies-formatted stations.

    • And it’s funny about this montage… I worked on it since posting and got it up to 2000… and found out the decision has been made to end HitOldies shortly and re-direct the stream to the emerging Oldies format stream of 1400 WSTC. Now, to use it somewhere I will have to splice out all the imaging and insert whatever imaging from whatever station I end up airing it at. Well… that’s radio!

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