Legal ID’s volume 1: 1990s

First off, lets give credit where credit is due. This collection of legal IDs comes to us courtesy of Scott Fybush. I got this collection of tapes (there were 3 in a series) back in the late 90s.

This is part one of what I *think* is the entire collection (maybe a few extras) which is/was featured at the Boston Radio Archives website run by Garrett Wollman, and at the time, Scott Fybush. I think Fybush is still involved with the site although there’s not nearly as much new and relevant information there as there was years ago. The main difference between this collection here and what is posted there, is that first off, the fidelity here is much better, since I encoded this via source tapes. Also, we’re presenting this in 3 parts, each one edited to sound like one long aircheck, wheras at bostonradio the clips are presented one at a time in a very low fidelity, but you have the choice of listening to one id at a time. I invite you to visit and peruse the information on New England/New York and southern Canadian radio.

Most of these ID’s were recorded in the 1990s, some from the ’80s. Its an impressive collection, to say the least, especially when you realize how much time is involved in collecting top of hour IDs for so many stations. There are HUNDREDS in this 3 part series, literally.

Also of note, not all these IDs are from New England, some are from Nevada, Oregon (and here in part one, one of my all-time favorite IDs from WBSB (104.3) B-104 Baltimore) and elsewhere. These are clips of AM stations, FM stations and even nighttime DX from the midwest & Canada. Very interesting, to say the least.

Lastly, if you are really into Top of the hour legal IDs, I invite you to check out Brian has just about the largest collection of TOH IDs in the world. When you go, be sure to email him and say you heard about it from!

Now, enough talk, lets just listen to some old legal ID’s. Here’s volume 1. Volume’s 2 and 3 are coming soon.


  1. Right after the WRKO ID there was a bed for NBC News that B98.5 used for it’s weather bed in the mid 1990’s. Does anybody know who makes that music bed or the title of it and where I could find it?

  2. tyrone thompson

    nice work! however, i can’t download it, it claims it as a video. can you help? thanks

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