1340 WNHC New Haven Agency Presentation | 1970

1340 New Haven WNHC

Contributor Russ Oasis provided this creative and somewhat humorous sales presentation of the old WNHC. We’re not entirely sure where this came from, but it appears to have been produced in 1970. This features a cross section of the station’s broadcast day and includes airchecks of Bob Morgan, Frank Stickle, J.J. Phillips and Pete Moss.

At the time this was created, WNHC was a low powered Top 40 station. Judging by the jingles and format presentation, this was either consulted by the legendary Bill Drake, or this was one of many ‘faux Drake’ format’s that popped up around the United States following the success of RKO General stations such as 93 KHJ, 68 WRKO and 800 CKLW. Wikipedia’s article about WYBC lists WNHC as having been owned by Triangle Publications. In 1970, WNHC was a big deal. This was an AM/FM/TV combo, affiliated with 99.1 WNHC-FM (today’s WPLR) and WNHC-TV, which is WTNH Channel 8 today. It is apparent by the quality of this production that Triangle had relatively deep pockets and put together a top-notch, major market sounding station.

1340 today is WYBC (AM) and is part of the WSHU family of stations from Sacred Heart University. It airs programming from National Public Radio.

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