New Haven CT

Big Rich Baker, 101.3 WKCI Hamden (New Haven) KC-101 FM | 1981

Date of Recording: 1981 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 101.3 WKCI Hamden (New Haven), Connecticut, USA Format: CHR Slogan: “KC-101” Featured Air Personality: Big Rich Baker Contributor: Daniel Coulombe (CKTS/CJMQ) Airchexx Entry: 1,500 Comments: Contributor Daniel Coulombe submitted this 8:45 scope of KC-101 as an unscoped 30 minute tape which we’ve been holding on to for a few years now. We know nothing about the jock, “Big” Rich Baker, but he comes across as pretty laid back. In fact, this recording shows a KC101 that seems more like an Adult Contemporary station than CHR. We’ll chalk that up to the year in music 1981, which was very soft rock oriented at nearly all the major stations. In our opinion, perhaps so much so that it helped put the whammy on ...

Rusty Potts, 1300 WAVZ New Haven | May 30, 1969

Date of Recording: 05.30.1969 Station: 1300 WAVZ New Haven, Connecticut, USA Owner: Kopps-Monahan Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personality: Rusty Potts (WAVZ/WLNG) Contributor: Andy Bologovsky Airchexx Entry: 1,498 Comments: Many years ago, Andy Bologovsky sent in a whole collection of WAVZ airchecks which he digitized himself and sent as an audio CD. We posted most of the CD’s contents but had omitted a couple of historically important relics. Rusty Potts is heard here in late Spring, 1969. WAVZ is airing PAMS jingles and the reverb is stunningly on par with that heard on 77 WABC New York. This is a station very much in competition with the greatest Top 40 stations across New England. Our featured jock would go on to other opportunities, including a 40 year run on Sag Harbor’s ...

Programmer’s Digest Composite, WAVZ New Haven | Summer 1973

Date of Recording: 1973 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 1300 WAVZ New Haven, Connecticut, USA Format: Top 40 Featured Air Talent: Various Comments: As recordings go, one probably couldn’t get better than vynl. Programmer’s Digest was one of those trade publications that featured a different station each edition, and was sent out to various radio stations on a 33 1/3 LP. Featured on this edition, a composite of 13 WAVES and an entire day’s broadcast. This starts with a fantastic WAVZ contest promo, then it’s on to the Programmer’s Digest. Its a tribute to Program Director John Long’s genius and includes a ton of promos and special WAVZ contests.

Station Profile: 13 WAVZ New Haven | September, 1976

Date of Recording: 09.xx.1976 (Exact Date Unown) Station: 1300 WAVZ New Haven, Connecticut, USA Format: Top 40 (Later: Standards – 1981, Liberal Talk – 2001, Sports – 2007) Featured Air Personality: Various Contributor: Andy Bologovsky Comments: 13 Waves sported some of the best talent in the U.S., and this 8 minute profile from 1976 showcases the talents of such names as Paul “the Morning Mayor”, Midday guy Tom Morgan, “The Chucker” (who narrates this profile), Afternoon personality John E. Walker, Night guy Mike West (WGNG Providence, WTIC-FM Hartford), Sunshine 10pm-2am and Early morning she-jock Lise.

Composite: WAVZ “New Waves 13” New Haven | July, 1974

Date of Recording: July, 1974 (Exact Date Unknown) Contributor: Andy Bologovsky Station: 1300 WAVZ New Haven CT Featured Air Talent: Mike Dean, Bill Rock, Brian Phoenix Comments: Here’s one sent in a long time ago. We like to re-post these from the early days of Airchexx, since after this long, they tend to get buried under hundreds of other posts. WAVZ is most certainly one of our favorite old ‘classics’! Contributor Andy Bologovsky presents this sixteen and a half minute tour of the Kopps-Monahan studios of 13 WAVZ. Its mid-Summer and the New Waves is sizzlin’ with a lineup of jocks who all made it to major market stations after their stay in New Haven. It’s an Oldies weekend, but its not exclusively Oldies, with some 1974 blockbuster hits heard in here alon...

Cliff Kenyon, WFIF Milford CT | July 20, 1976

Every now and then, an aircheck comes along that really reminds me of what community full service radio really was in the 70s. Cliff “Rockin'” Kenyon, filling in this day for Randy West, is trying his best to be a big city sounding jock (and who wouldn’t, only 40 minutes from New York City), and in fact he was really SMOKIN’ at hist gig at nearby New Haven WAVZ (see the comments section of WAVZ New Haven, July 1974 where much of the 70s airstaff are sharing memories) as Willie B. Goode. What, perhaps sets this Bicentennial Summer WFIF (The “Sound of America”) apart from most stations featured on this website is the close resemblance to many small town, community AM stations I remember from my youth. Full service elements such as (in this case) Mutual net...

Judge Harrigan, WAVZ New Haven | July 7, 1978

Sounding like the East Coast version of Dr. Don Rose, Here’s Judge Harrigan with one liners, traffic reports, time checks and the hits – all the ingredients you’d expect from a major market morning show, but this is LOCALISM done right! On this particular day, there was a power outage in East Haven, and ConRail service was on-time!

News with Steve Tefft, 960 WELI New Haven | March 30, 1988

Contributor Steve Tefft sent one in featuring himself doing a newscast in 1988. Yes, apparently WELI did play music sometime in its past. Most AM stations did at one point or another. But few in modern times can recall WELI as a music station. You’ll hear parts of two songs on either end of this newscast, recorded during the WELI Morning Show. There’s no audio from the show portion, just the newscast. But you will hear the Top of Hour ID heard at the time this station was recorded. Today, WELI is owned by iHeartMedia and airs a conservative NewsTalk format featuring Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and others.

Composite: 1300 WAVZ New Haven | July, 1974

There’s very little WE can say that conveys the excitement generated by 13 Waves during it’s heyday of the mid-late 1970s. Some of the best and brightest broadcasters in Southern New England graced the air on WAVZ – and a few of them have posted comments about this recording below. If you read the comments before listening, do yourself a favor now, and see why this AM station OWNED the New Haven market, at a time when AM stations were already in steep decline as music stations. Oh, if this had been put on the sister FM station, we’d be listening to 101 Waves instead of KC 101… but would that have been such a bad thing? We can only dream, I suppose. This recording is a bit choppy. It came to us that way from the skimmer. Featured on this composite: Mike Dean, B...

QuickChexx: Tracey, 1300 WAVZ New Haven | May 17, 1969

We’re back into the 1960s for this short clip of WAVZ New Haven. This is the Tracey show, although we’re not sure who Tracey is or where he went after WAVZ. One thing that sticks out on many of the WAVZ airchecks on this site is the frequency at which Railroad Salvage ads air. Many are :05 drops, some are live sponsorships, but it seems that Railroad Salvage was always heard on WAVZ. For those who don’t remember, Railroad Salvage was a bargain basement store, much like today’s Dollar General. There used to be many Railroad Salvage outlets all over New England. Today, there’s just the one in West Haven about a mile from the VA Medical Center. And one never hears them on the air anywhere. Another, from longtime Contributor Andy Bologovsky.

MicroChexx: Joe Hager, 1300 WAVZ New Haven | November, 1972

It took longer to write this summary than edit the audio for this slightly under one minute clip of Joe Hager on the “New Waves”. Courtesy of early Airchexx Contributor Andy Bologovsky, here’s another short look and listen to one of America’s great middle-market stations with a huge Major Market sound! WAVZ was one of a few Southern New England stations within earshot of all the big New York stations, like WABC, WNBC and Hartford’s WDRC. With stations like that competing for local listeners, WAVZ had to be something special. We have other WAVZ airchecks online and we invite you to listen. And comment.

Storm Coverage: Hurricane Sandy, 2012 – Part 3 – N/T 960 WELI//WKCI-FM HD2 New Haven | October 29, 2012

Each week in November, we’re featuring radio’s coverage of Hurricane Sandy. Here in Part 3, we’re listening to the Vinny Penn Project, the morning show on WELI New Haven. I actually made two recordings of WELI, this one, using my Sony HD receiver which was picking up WELI in HD (thus, the grainy sounding 96kb digital signal) as is the norm here, about 15 miles from the WELI transmitter. The other recording was ‘in progress’ from the simulcast of WELI on the main FM carrier of CHR WKCI-FM “KC-101” when the power went out and I lost the entire recording at about 3:30 pm as Hurricane Sandy’s full fury began to be felt in our region. WELI is mostly in-format here, in a recording that was made sometime around 10:30 AM. Penn stayed on the air on WE...