“1972 – Big D: 50 Years of Broadcasting History”, WDRC Hartford | December 31, 1972

1360 AM Hartford, WDRC, Big D

WDRC Survey, December 22, 1972

Produced for it’s 50th anniversary of broadcasting, this off-air recording (with some additions by your friendly webmaster) starts in 1922 and records many important events, including the Hindenburg Disaster, the bombing of Manilla (WW2), programming highlights including Big Band music shows and radio operas like The Lone Ranger… then it’s on to WDRC’s years as a Top 40 station up to then-current 1972.

The final portion of this is a recording made with a mic at a radio speaker at the stroke of midnight as Big D welcomed in 1973. This is an authentic original recording and we thank Steve for his contribution!



  1. steve

    Steve McVie didn’t give you this recording. I did.

    • Sorry Steve. I had the other steve on my mind when I set that for posting. I’ll fix

      • Steve

        Thanks. I also gave you the June 17, 1972 recording of WDRC. I believe that one is also mistakenly attributed to the other Steve.

  2. The great Fred Foy doing the Lone Ranger intro… awesome.

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