September 23, 2021

2 thoughts on “93 KHJ – “The End” – | January 31, 1986

  1. The plan had been to play the jingle montage to end the night … someone (I do not know who) made them take it off. Perhaps fitting in some way – The history of KHJ and the idiots who screwed it up is sad. Had it not been for the revolving door of inept programmers and the Country format being forced on us just when Chuck Martin brought them back as top-40 in 1979-80 … perhaps KHJ would be playing music today.

    1. I would most certainly say, KHJ would definitely not be playing music today. Not that music on AM would be a bad thing, considering the condition of the whole band. But, no. 930 would be something else. Besides, after RKO General lost all of their broadcast properties and someone else got their hands on it, that would have been the end regardless.

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