September 27, 2021

5 thoughts on “ Presents: A Christmas Carol, as produced and aired by 66 WNBC Radio New York | December 24, 1975

  1. Great stuff. I vaguely remember hearing this live…from the suburbs of Chicago! Of course, I used to listen to 66 and 77 at nighttime, far from NYC. Then again, the Big 89 was always blasting away, too, far from Chicago.

  2. I believe this was WNBC’s 2nd production of A Christmas Carol, the 1st having produced
    two years earlier under the direction of Jim Sans (former production director) I
    don’t know if WNBC used Imus’ original tracks, or if he reprised the role in this
    production. I enjoyed this period of WNBC (“Your Great Escape”–“The New York Sound.
    It was personality driven adult oriented radio with retro Pams jingles.

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