October 19, 2021

5 thoughts on “Dale Dorman; Steve Lundy, 610 KFRC San Francisco | December 24, 1967

  1. Dale Dorman was awesome and one of the best rebuttals to the argument that Drake was anti-personality. He hired Dorman at KYNO, KFRC and WRKO.

    As for Steve Lundy, well the Stones’ “Brown Sugar” should be your clue that his part of this tape isn’t from Christmas Eve, 1967.

    No, Steve wasn’t one of the original 610 Men. He started in radio in Tyler, Texas, went to KILT, Houston in 1970, KFRC in 1971, KROQ, Los Angeles in 1972 and WNBC, New York in 1974, where he won Billboard’s Major Market Air Personality award. After that, WLS and a bunch more.

    He was something like KFRC’s fifth afternoon drive jock, was there only a year before going to KROQ, and was replaced by Eric Chase.

  2. As referenced above, Steve Lundy came out of the small market powerhouse, KDOK in Tyler, Texas, to go to work for Bill Young at KILT in Houston. He later worked at KFRC, KROQ, WLS, WNBC, and in my humble opinion, was the best of the top three DJ’S I ever listened to, along with Charlie Van Dyke and Barry Kaye. He owned night time in Houston. I would love it if you could get some more audio of him, preferably at KILT and perhaps WLS. Thanks for putting this audio in the vault.

    1. Steve was a co-worker and one of my best friends in the late 80’s. I was a baby DJ (17) doing mornings with him. Nice guy and hell of a talent!!! I later went on to KFRC and used to think of him in the big 610 am 997 fm control room. He would in that Lundy voice say thank you! I do have audio and photo’s.

  3. I knew Steve Lundy from Tyler, Texas. When he passed away a few years back we sure lost a radio GIANT. He was one of the many best that came out of KDOK 1330 AM radio in Tyler. Steve was one of the reasons I got in to radio just out of high school in 1974. Steve Lundy truly one of Radio’s Greats when radio was real radio and fun. Wish todays radio was FUN AGAIN.

  4. As a member of the family who founded KDOK (and KNUE FM), it was nice to read the positive memories of those wonderful radio days in Tyler.

    You guys may know this but Bill Young wrote a book a few years ago called, “Dead Air…the Rise and Demise of Music Radio”. Its a great account of that musical period in Texas.

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