October 19, 2021

8 thoughts on “Airchexx.com Presents: 9/11 Remembered

  1. To Bozo, Cincy, Oh- Greeseman in Washington DC and Larry London of Mix 107 FM, call a few womens shelters in the Southeast area of Michigan to ask if there is a female Pastor and wife to Evangelist and colleague radio broadcaster, VIC! this can be passed among you guys- no pranks!! thanks (email me for further info (contact Don Imus in NY at WFAN!) I am serious about this, May God bless you for it! thanks guys.. really oh contact Kevin Matthews in Chicago too (alright?)

  2. I am a grown man, but the shock u sent through me with those words…..I thank u for this,,,,,to cry to se thankful feels good…it feels good…

  3. One other thing, I wondered what had happened to Bozo; I used to call him late at night. Also, I know this is two things, but please bear with me. I personally know two women who gave birth on that dreadful day.

    1. Last I knew, The Truckin’ Bozo (Dale Sommers) went to SiriusXM, and his son Steve took over and changed the name of the show to “America’s Trucking Network”. I don’t even know if its still on the air, but Steve was still doing that show on WLW, 1130 Shreveport (the calls escape me at the moment) and a couple of other clear channels that hooked up with WLW back in 2007 when I moved away from Memphis. I’ve not heard it in a long time, and I have no idea if Bozo is still around or not. I used to talk to him on the air often, but that was in the late 90s and early 00s. I’ve since lost track.

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